51 Forest Hills Parkway Dartmouth, NS B2W 6C6

Fitness Centre & TRX Area

Fitness Centre, FTR & Squash Courts

Rules & Regulations 

  • Respect Staff, Members and the Equipment at all times;
  • Proper Gym attire must be worn - Sports bras are permitted
  • Shoes must be worn at all times, boots not permitted; Shoes may be removed if needed for a particular exercise but must be worn when moving from one area to another
  • No swearing or disruptive behaviour;
  • Chalk is not permitted in the weight room;
  • Youth ages 10 -14 may use the fitness centre if accompanied by an adult 18+;
  • Youth ages 12 -14 may use the fitness centre unaccompanied only if they are being followed by a personal trainer and have been approved for unsupervised weight room use. Please contact Taylor Naugle at tnaugle@coleharbourplace.com for more information;
  • Youth ages 15+ may use the fitness center if unaccompanied.;
  • Staff will play music in the upstairs fitness centre; if you would like to listen to something specific we recommend that you bring your own music device and earphones/headphone to listen to it. No one from the public will be permitted to play their own music through the gym speakers;
  • Weights must be returned after use;
  • Proper/safe usage of all machines and equipment must be adhered to. Dropping of weights will not be tolerated;
  • Small gym bags containing personal workout equipment are permitted in the fitness center. Large bags, including backpacks containing personal items of any kind, are not permitted and must be left in a locker.;
  • No food or gum is allowed in the fitness centre;
  • Equipment must be cleaned between each person using it.

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