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Pay What You Can

Pay What You Can Membership Program

About the Pay What You Can Program

  • We have a limited number of Pay What You Can Memberships. These are provided through referral.
  • These memberships are ideal for those who wish to visit the facility 3-4 times a week and make fitness part of their regular routine.
  • The Pay What You Can Membership is valid for 3 months and then a new application needs to be submitted.

Submitting Your Referral

  • Please scan and email all referral forms to kmacleod@coleharbourplace.com
  • If you are referring a couple please submit two separate adult membership forms. If you are referring a family with children and/or youth, please submit family membership forms.

How members make payments

  • Pay What You Can means the member can pay what they can when they can for their membership. We don't set up a payment process and do not ask members for their payments. We expect referrers to discuss payment options with their clients.
  • We encourage members to visit the front desk and make a payment to their account anytime in any amount. The member lets the front desk know how they would like to make a payment and the front desk with then provide them with a receipt.

Responsibility as a Referrer

  • If Cole Harbour Place finds there are issues with a member (i.e. not abiding by the facility rules and policies), we may reach out to the referrer to determine appropriate measures. Please ensure you are comfortable with this level of responsibility when making a referral.
  • Referrers should explain to the member how the membership will work (i.e. payment process, how to pick up their membership, what they need to sign up, etc.)

Information to Provide to the Member

  • Membership certificates are in a folder behind the Front Desk once processed. Members can visit the Front Desk and let them know there is something for pick up under their name.
  • Members need to bring a photo I.D. when picking up their membership and registering their account. They will also need to have their photo taken to have on file. Please make sure they are aware of this.

Process for Referrals

  • The referrer fills out the form, send it back to Kenzie MacLeod (kmacleod@coleharbourplace.com).
  • Kenzie processes the form, then lets the referrer know when the membership is ready for pick up. This generally takes 10-15 business days
  • The member picks up the certificate at the Front Desk. They should already have an HRM MyRec account set up before visiting. Register here (halifax.ca/myrec).

Any other questions? Don't hesitate to ask Kenzie at kmacleod@coleharbourplace.com or (902) 464-5565.

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