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Terms & Conditions

Membership Terms and Conditions

Termination or Cancellation

Cole Harbour Place (CHP, or the "Facility") reserves the right to terminate this agreement including cancelling your membership at any time if, in the sole discretion of CHP, you willfully damaged Facility property, displayed misconduct, or are otherwise in violation of any terms or conditions of this agreement, the Facility's rules and codes of conduct, municipal law or policy, or applicable federal or provincial law.

Lump Sun Membership:

  • Non-refundable, non-transferable.
  • Can not be automatically renewed.
  • Renewals must be done in person

Payment Plan Membership/ Payroll Deduction Membership:

  • Membership can be cancelled with 30 days notice
  • Memberships are not auto-renewed. Once your membership expires, you must come in to reactivate it.

Should you wish to cancel your membership and you are on a payment plan or payroll deduction, you must provide the Facility with written notice 30 days prior to your next payment date.  This may entail the completion of a form and it is your responsibility to obtain the proper form from the Facility. Cancellations are not permitted by phone. Upon the expiry of the 30-day period, your membership shall be cancelled effective the last day of the month in which the 30-day period expires (the "Term"). You must pay all fees up to the last day of the Term. If you have any fees outstanding at the time of cancellation, Cole Harbour Place shall collect those fees via your preferred payment method as indicated on your application and, if no valid information is on file, Cole Harbour Place shall invoice you for these amounts.

You and your use of the Facility

  • Cole Harbour Place is not responsible for lost or stolen items anywhere on the property. We recommend that all patrons lock their articles in the day lockers provided. Lockers cannot be left locked overnight.
  • Cole Harbour Place reserves the right to make schedule changes
  • Cole Harbour Place reserves the right to close parts of its Facilities temporarily for maintenance
  • Cole Harbour Place assumes no liability for the closure of all or parts of the Facility due to power outages, other Acts of God or when required to be used as an emergency shelter during community crisis. There will be no refunds or reimbursements of any kind made for the time the Facility is closed due to these types of incidents.

You shall comply with all notices, rules, regulations, guidelines and signage posted in the Facility, provided to you as part of the application, and/or as directed by staff. Persons choosing to disregard these, or other Facility policies and procedures may lose their membership privileges and may be banned from the Facility.

Membership/Membership Card

The membership card must be presented every time upon entering Cole Harbour Place to gain access to the Facility. If you forget your membership card, you must stop at the front desk to give your name so our staff can search you in the system.

Membership cards may be reissued for a fee in the event a membership card is lost, stolen or destroyed.

You must be 19 years of age or older to complete a membership application, execute this agreement, pay the fees and obtain a membership. If an applicant is under the age of 19, the applicant's parent or guardian must complete the application, execute this agreement and arrange for payment of the fees on behalf of that applicant and only then will the applicant obtain a membership. Notwithstanding anything else in the agreement, users of certain components of the facility must comply with specific age restrictions. It is your responsibility to confirm with the Facility what ages are permitted to use a certain component of the facility.

Membership cards are not transferrable and may only be used by the person whose name is associated with the card. Use by any person other than the member will be grounds for immediate cancellation of the membership without a refund.

Membership cards are the property of Cole Harbour Place and must be returned immediately upon request.

All persons joining Cole Harbour Place must have their pictures taken for identification purposes. There will be no exceptions.

A charge at posted rates may be applied in all cases of insufficient funds for a credit card or PAC payments. Repeated occurrences may require alternative forms of payment. Persons in arrears may have their membership suspended.


Memberships must be valid through the beginning of a registered program in order to be eligible for the membership discount price. No refunds will be given for any price difference if a membership ends prior to registering for a program. If a membership is cancelled before a program begins and the member price was paid you will be charged the difference for the general public price.

Day Passes / Punch Passes

There are no refunds on the purchase of day passes or punch passes. Passes will not be replaced if they are stolen or missing. Patrons must book for classes at the front desk using their punch pass/day pass. Patrons booking a class using a pass are permitted to register 3 days in advance.

Youth Agreement

To provide participants and staff with a safe and enjoyable environment, inappropriate behaviour, misuse of equipment, foul language and aggressive behaviour to other participants and staff will not be permitted, as well as intentional damage to Cole Harbour Place property and the property of others. CHP reserves the right to take necessary measures including, but not limited to, suspension or termination of your membership or enrollment and/or contacting the police. There is an inherent risk in performing any physical activity. It is the participant’s responsibility to determine which activities and exercises are safe for them and to use all equipment properly. Although Cole Harbour Place attempts to achieve certain maintenance standards, Cole Harbour Place cannot assume the risk associated with the use of these premises. Therefore, access to and use of these facilities is entirely at your own risk.

There is an inherent risk in performing any physical activity. It is the participant’s responsibility to determine which activities and exercises are safe for them, and to use all equipment properly. Although Cole Harbour Place attempts to achieve certain maintenance standards, Cole Harbour Place cannot assume the risk associated with the use of these premises. Therefore, access to and use of these facilities is entirely at your own risk.

User Age Policy: Effective March 1, 2023

  • Youth ages 10 -14 may use the fitness center if accompanied by an adult 18+.
  • Youth ages 12 -14 may use the fitness center unaccompanied only if they are being followed by a personal trainer and have been approved for unsupervised weight room use.
  • Youth ages 15+ may use the fitness center if unaccompanied.

The approval process for youth ages 12-14

  • Be followed by a personal trainer or book a free session with a trainer to complete a youth weight room orientation.
  • Read and understand the Cole Harbour Place Fitness Centre code of conduct (page 2). Both the youth and their parent/guardian sign to acknowledge your understanding and agreement to abide by the code of conduct.
  • Should the code of conduct not be followed, formal warnings will be issued.

Warning System

  • The code of conduct will be enforced using a 3-warning system.
  • 1st warning – Parent/guardian notified, a reminder of code of conduct.
  • 2nd warning – Youth will require a parent, guardian, or training while in the fitness center.
  • 3rd warning – Potential suspension or termination of membership.


Cole Harbour Place does not guarantee parking. Members may only park in the parking lot while actively using the Facility and parking is on a first-come, first-serve basis.


You are responsible for your behaviour while you are at the Facility. Improper behaviour or language, verbal abuse or disrespect to Facility staff and/or the public will not be tolerated. Cole Harbour Place including Facility staff, shall have the right at any time to eject you from the Facility, refuse you admittance to the Facility, or cancel your membership if, in the opinion of anyone having responsibility or supervision of the Facility, you are creating a disturbance or behaving in an objectionable or unacceptable manner.

Cole Harbour Place is a non-smoking/non-vaping Facility and there is no smoking/vaping permitted on the grounds of the Facility, including the parking lot. You shall comply with Nova Scotia's Smoke-Free Places Act and HRM's bylaw N-300 respecting nuisances.

You agree that if you observe any unusual hazards, accidents or incidents during your usage of the Facility, you will report these immediately to Facility staff. In the event of an emergency, you shall follow any Facility emergency evacuation plans, as posted in the Facility, and you assume responsibility for any emergency situation(s) that you cause while you are using the Facility. Your use of the Facility, including the use of any equipment inside or outside of the Facility must not block any emergency exits and emergency equipment, including hallways, corridors and access routes to alarm pull stations and fire extinguishers.  If, after contacting 911 the emergency so requires, first aid assistance is required, you must contact Facility staff.

First aid kits and AEDS are available on the premises.

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