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Membership Information

Register for an account on halifax.ca/myrec to expedite your membership process.
(All family members need an account)

At Cole Harbour Place, we want everyone in our community to enjoy and reap the benefits of a healthier lifestyle. We have designed our membership packages to provide a discount to people and families who will use our complex more often.

Please call (902) 464-5100 for information on our membership packages.

Membership Types

  • Single: 19+
  • Family: Parent(s) and children living at home under the age of 18 or children attending post-secondary education with a valid student ID.
  • Club 60/Student: 18 and under, 19+ with a valid student ID, or 60+.
  • Adult Couple: Membership for married or common-law couple.
  • Gym Only Membership: For access to the gym only. No fitness classes/ pool or arena access.

Member Fees

New Member Fees effective April 2022

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