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Swimming & Aquatics

Register by visiting halifax.ca/myrec or by coming in to see us.

Recreational Swimming

Swim Pass fees can be found here.

Adult Swims

Serene aquatic recreational time. Full use of all our toys, slide, saunas, whirlpool, without waiting in line. 

†Limited to those over the age of 18.

Lane Swimming

For those who wish to swim lengths, only 1 lane is available during classes (c). At other times (*) you have the use of one or more lanes of the competition pool and the whirlpool. The slide and diving board are not available.

†Not recommended for fast paced or competitive swimmers
†Restricted to those over the age of 8.

Parent & Tot Swim

Open to a parent and 2 tots (children under 5). Come and enjoy this special time designed for young children

†Limited to leisure and tot pools.

Open Swim

A recreational swim for everyone, all at once! (Not recommended for small children).

†Children under the age of 8  MUST be accompanied in the water by an adult 18+.

$3 Splash

Everyone pays $3 to swim.

Toonie Swim

Everyone pays $2 to swim.

Swimming Lessons

30 minute class - Max: 8 participants $63.00 Members $90.00 General Public
45 minute class - Max: 5 participants $70.70 Members $101.00 General Public
1 hour class - Max: 8 participants $74.20 Members $106.00 General Public
Condensed Classes: These classes have a lower instructor/child ratio.
45 minute class - Max: 3 participants $89.60 Members $128.00 General Public
1 hour class - Max: 6 participants $95.90 Members $137.00 General Public

Session Dates (Winter 2020)

Session 1 Jan 12 - Feb 23
Session 2 Mar 1 - Apr 13 No classes Good Friday (Apr 10) or Easter Sunday (Apr 12)

Conversion Charts

Level Completed CHP Skippers
(3-5 Years Old)
CHP Swimmer Program
(5 Years Old & Up)
Skippers 1 Completed Skippers 2 Swimmer 1
Skippers 2 Completed Skippers 3 Swimmer 1
Skippers 3 Completed Skippers 4 Swimmer 2
Skippers 4 Completed Skippers 5 Swimmer 2
Skippers 5 Completed Skippers 6 Swimmer 3
Skippers 6 Completed Private Lesson Swimmer 4


Red Cross Swim Kids Level Lifesaving Society Equivalent
Swim Kids 1 Swimmer 1
Swim Kids 2 Swimmer 2
Swim Kids 3 Swimmer 3
Swim Kids 4 / 5 Swimmer 4
Swim Kids 6 Swimmer 5
Swim Kids 7 Swimmer 6
Swim Kids 8 Swimmer 7 / Swim Patrol Rookie
Swim Kids 9 Swimmer 8 / Swim Patrol Ranger
Swim Kids 10 Swimmer 8 / Swim Patrol Star
Bronze Star

Check out our class descriptions below or check out our seasonal brochure to see what's available.

Free Swimming Skills Assessment

You wish to enroll your child in our swimming lessons but you are not sure what level to enroll them in? We offer free assessments Sunday to Friday from 4pm - 6pm, and Saturday and Sunday from 9am - 12pm.

Bring your child prepared to swim to the pool deck and one of our staff members will be happy to assess your child.

Waterbabies & Mates

(parent participation)

Waterbabies - 3 months to walking (30 minutes) Parents are taught basic skills to aid in making baby comfortable in an aquatic environment.

Mates - Walking to 3 years (30 minutes) Parents and instructors work together to build basic swimming skills in a positive learning environment.


3 to 5 years (45 minutes) Children begin with shallow water orientation and progress through floating, gliding, basic swimming and deep water orientation skills.


Must be at least 5 years of age to enroll in the Swimmer Program.

Adapted Classes

Instructor/Child ratio is 1/1 for children with special instructional needs. Please indicate when registering.

  • $91.00 Members
  • $130.00 General Public

Bronze Star - 10 Week Program

(recommended ages 10 - 13 years)

This course was designed for keen swimmers who have completed the Canadian Swim Patrol or Red Cross Swim Kids program.

  • $77.00 Members
  • $110.00 General Public

Bronze Medallion - 10 Week Program

The program teaches basic rescue and CPR-B. 

Prerequisite: 13 years of age or Bronze Star (recommended).

  • $80.50 Members
  • $115.00 General Public

Bronze Cross - 10 Week Program

This course further enhances initial lifesaving and first aid techniques.

Prerequisite: Bronze Medallion and CPR-B

  • $80.50 Members
  • $115.00 General Public

National Lifeguard (Pool Option) 10 Week Program

This intensive course involves fitness and participants will receive their National Lifeguard, Standard First Aid and CPR Level C upon successful completion of the course.

Prerequisite: Bronze Cross and 16 years old

  • $170.00 Members
  • $200.00 General Public

Includes book and exam fee

Strokes! Strokes! Strokes!

This program focuses on improving skill and building strength and endurance in the major swimming strokes. Ideal for students to keep skills fresh.

Prerequisite: Swimmers 9

  • $70.70 Members
  • $101.00 General Public

Aqua Teens (11-13) or (14-17)

This program is designed for teens that have no formal swimming lessons or would like to work on their current swimming abilities.

  • $70.00 Members
  • $100.00 General Public

Swimming Maintenance

Aimed at swim team participants looking to maintain their skills in the off season or those who may be interested in joining a swim team. This program offers drills, stroke correction and motivation to keep young swimmers active in the pool.

  • $70.70 Members
  • $101.00 General Public

Private Lessons

These classes offer a low instructor student ratio and a degree of flexibility to better accommodate your schedule. Please contact (902) 464-5110 for more information. Private lessons fill up very quickly. Early registration is recommended.

Classes run for 7 weeks

  • $145.35 Members
  • $171.00 General Public

Adult Swim Programs

Aqua Adult Basics

Our goal is to increase your comfort level and confidence in the water. You will learn front and back float, front and back glide with a kick, front swim for 10 metres, shallow water entries and exits and deep water activites (assisted).

All of this will be done at your own pace while you work with the instructor to set goals to develop your swimming skills in a relaxed environment.

  • $71.40 Member
  • $102.00 General Public

Aqua Adult Swim Strokes

Swimmers collaborate with instructors by providing input into which strokes they wish to work on. The instructor's goal is to see you achieve yours! They will consult with each participant to set learning goals and priorities. They'll help you develop one or more swimming strokes, working towards proficiency and increased endurance.

Prerequisite: Swim 15m front crawl continuously, swim back crawl 15m and confortable in deep water.

  • $71.40 Member
  • $102.00 General Public