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Swimming & Aquatics

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Swimming Lessons- Winter Session

We are pushing out the start date of many of our registered programs due to the current Covid-19 situation. Below is a chart with the current start dates and what the new dates will be. We understand that this will not work for everyone and should you wish to unenroll you are welcome to do so, and we can provide a refund. Information on who to contact can be found below. Otherwise, the program start date will be moved ahead and you will remain registered for the program with the new start date.

Current Start Date                                                             New Start Date

Saturday, January 8                                                           Saturday, February 12

Sunday, January 9                                                             Sunday, February 13

Monday, January 10                                                          Monday, February 14

Tuesday, January 11                                                         Tuesday, February 15

Wednesday, January 12                                                    Wednesday, February 16

Thursday, January 13                                                        Thursday, February 17

Friday, January 14                                                              Friday February 18

Recreational Swimming

Beginning Friday December 14, 2021 bookings are again required for all activities. You can find info on how to book here.

You can find all up to date information on our current Covid-19 restrictions and activities here.

Attending Your Activity

  • Everyone is required to line-up inside the facility, in the designated waiting area, prior to their booking start time. 
  • No one will not have access to the facility any earlier than 10 minutes prior to their activity start time. Late entry to fitness classes is not permitted.
  • Masks are mandatory within the building, but can be removed when you are participating in your activity. 
  • Please follow staff directions and safety protocols while inside the facility. Practice social distancing of 2m (6ft), good hand washing and respiratory hygiene at all times. Stay home if you are feeling unwell.
  • Be kind and patient with everyone. Pace yourself as you return to physical activity.

At the end of an activity time-slot, everyone booked for that time slot must exit the facility, regardless of the time they entered.

Using the Pool

  • Please wear a mask everywhere inside the building, including the change rooms, and on the pool deck whenever you are not in the water. Those entering one of the pools can remove their mask before they get into the water; 
  • Children who are 8 and older are permitted to go into the pool by themselves, but those between the ages of 8-12 must have a fully vaccinated parent or guardian who remains in eyesight of them for the duration of the swim;
  • Children under the age of 8 must have a fully vaccinated parent or guardian within arms reach while in the pool;
  • The hot tub is now open, there is a max of 4 people permitted in the hot tub at a time to allow for physical distancing. Please note the times on the schedule that it is not available to use.
  • No bags, food or outdoor shoes permitted on the pool deck.
  • At this time our saunas are unavailable. 


Swimming Lessons

Conversion Charts

Level Completed CHP Skippers
(3-5 Years Old)
CHP Swimmer Program
(5 Years Old & Up)
Skippers 1 Completed Skippers 2 Swimmer 1
Skippers 2 Completed Skippers 3 Swimmer 1
Skippers 3 Completed Skippers 4 Swimmer 2
Skippers 4 Completed Skippers 5 Swimmer 2
Skippers 5 Completed Skippers 6 Swimmer 3
Skippers 6 Completed Private Lesson Swimmer 4


Red Cross Swim Kids Level Lifesaving Society Equivalent
Swim Kids 1 Swimmer 1
Swim Kids 2 Swimmer 2
Swim Kids 3 Swimmer 3
Swim Kids 4 / 5 Swimmer 4
Swim Kids 6 Swimmer 5
Swim Kids 7 Swimmer 6
Swim Kids 8 Swimmer 7 / Swim Patrol Rookie
Swim Kids 9 Swimmer 8 / Swim Patrol Ranger
Swim Kids 10 Swimmer 8 / Swim Patrol Star
Bronze Star

For those attending swimming lessons at CHP for winter 2021, the following rules/guidelines are in place:

  1. Non-medical masks must be worn by anyone entering or exiting the building.
  2. You will enter the building under the pedway (side entrance) and exit out the main clock doors.
  3. You will check in at the desk at the main entrance, the program participants name will be checked off on the class list.
  4. You will be allowed in the change rooms only 10 minutes prior to your lesson time.
  5. Change room doors to the pool deck will open 5 minutes before lessons.
  6. Only 1 adult is permitted in the building and on deck with the child attending lessons.
  7. The adult must enter the building at the same time as the program participant.
  8. We ask if you have other children not attending lessons that you leave them at home and do not bring them to watch lessons.
  9. The adult viewing lessons are required to wear a mask while on deck.
  10. The child attending lessons is permitted to remove mask once on the pool deck.
  11. Viewing area is on deck ONLY. Our mezzanine remains closed.
  12. No outdoor shoes on the pool deck.
  13. Lockers are available for use in the change rooms.
  14. Program participant and adults are not permitted to leave and re-enter the building.
  15. Program participant and adults are not permitted in other areas of the building.
  16. Program participant and adult are required to leave the building promptly after their program is over.
  17. Once on deck, please locate your swimming level sign on the wall and stand under it. If you are unsure which level you are registered for, please look for the “deck supervisor” in blue.
  18. The program participant’s instructor will meet you at your level sign.
  19. Each class will have a designated area of the pool for their lesson, so there is no overlapping groups.

Thank you for your understanding and we look forward to having you back!!

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