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Swimming & Aquatics

Using the Pool

  • Children who are 8 and older are permitted to go into the pool by themselves, but those between the ages of 8-11 must have a parent or guardian who remains in eyesight of them for the duration of the swim;
  • Children 7 and younger must have a parent or guardian in the pool with them, within arms reach;
  • Children 4 and younger cannot use the hot tub. Children who are 5-15 years old must have an adult with them while using the hot tub.
  • No bags, food or outdoor shoes are permitted on the pool deck.
  • For Open swims, those 12+ in age may attend without a parent/guardian.
  • Parent & Tot swims are for parents/ guardians and children under the age of 5 years old.
  • Parents/Guardians must remain on the pool deck during the duration of swimming lessons if your child is 11 years old and younger.

Swim Schedule

Hours are subject to change based on staffing at anytime

Please note that we cannot accommodate group bookings for public swims outside of our pool party packages. You can find information about our pool parties, and details on how to book here: https://www.coleharbourplace.com/events-rentals/pool-parties

Pool Closures

Annual Pool Closure until July 2nd. All pools are CLOSED until July 2nd.

The summer pool schedule will be posted on June 30th.

For those attending swimming lessons at CHP, the following rules/guidelines are in place:

  1. You will be allowed in the change rooms only 10 minutes prior to your lesson time.
  2. Change room doors to the pool deck will open 5 minutes before lessons.
  3. No outdoor shoes on the pool deck.
  4. Lockers are available for use in the change rooms.
  5. Once on deck, please locate your swimming level sign on the wall and stand under it. If you are unsure which level you are registered for, please look for the “deck supervisor” in blue.
  6. The program participant’s instructor will meet you at your level sign.

Swimming Lessons

CHP Skippers (3-5 years old) 一 Level Comparison Chart

Skippers 1 Skippers 2 Skippers 3 Skippers 4 Skippers 5 Skippers 6
Enter/Exit water Submerge head Open eyes underwater Pool rules 10 rhythmic bobs Standing front dive
Hair wet Assisted exit from the pool Into to main pool in PFD Buoyant objects Being a safe skater Forward roll (PFD)
Ears wet 2 rhythmic bobs Jump in & recover to the side 5 rhythmic bobs When/where to swim Intro to the diving board
Face wet Jump in with PFD (assisted) Front glide & kick with underwater pull Seated front dive Intro to sculling Weight transfer
Back float (assisted) Back float (head support) Back float (unassisted) Rollover floats Big arms w/aid (5m) Front crawl (5m)
Front float (assisted) Front float (unassisted) Front float (unassisted) Surface support (10sec.) Back swim (5m) Back crawl (5m)
Crab Walk Front glide (assisted) Front glide (unassisted) Front swim (5m) Front swim (7m) Front swim (10m)
Kicking on steps Back glide (assisted) Front glide & Kick (unassisted) Back glide & kick main pool Surface support (20sec.) Back swim (10m)
Jump, turn & walk (unassisted) Exploring leisure pool Back float & recovery (unassisted) Front glide & kick main pool Jump in, swim 5m front/back Surface support (30s)
Jump into waist-deep water Jump into chest-deep water Back glide & kick (unassisted) Jump in, swim 5m front/back in PFD Kneeling front dive Jump in, swim 10m (deep water)
Blow bubbles (face in) Flutter kick in PFD Back glide (unassisted) Side glide (unassisted)    
Comfortable being splashed   Side glide (assisted) Side glide & Kick (unassisted)    
Alligator walks   Kicking with flutterboard      

CHP Swimmers (5+ years old) 一 Level Comparison Chart

Swimmer 1 Swimmer 2 Swimmer 3 Swimmer 4 Swimmer 5
Enter and exit shallow water Jump into deep water, return and exit Kneeling dive into deep water Standing dive into deep water Shallow dive into deep water
Jump into chest deep water Side roll entry wearing PFD Forward roll entry into deep water with and without PFD Tread water 2 min Cannonball into deep water
Jump into chest deep water with PFD Recover object from bottom in chest deep water Tread water for 60 sec Swim underwater 5m Jump entry into deep water and tread 2 min
Hold breath underwater for 10-15 sec Jump into deep water Handstand in shallow water Roll entry into deep water, tread 1-2 mins and swim 50-75m Back somersault
Exhale underwater through mouth and nose (5-10 times) Flutter kick on back 10-15m Front somersault Whip kick on front 10-15 Stationary eggbeater kick 30-60 sec
Open eyes underwater Flutter kick on side 10-15m Roll entry into deep water, tread 1 min and swim 50m Breaststroke arm drills 10-15m Breaststroke 15-25m
Wearing PFD jump into deep water, tread for 30 sec and kick on back 5-10m Whip kick in vertical position 15-30sec Flutter kick on back 5m, pendulum roll to front and flutter kick on front 5m Front crawl 25-50m Front crawl 50m
Float on back Front swim 10-15m Flutter kick on front 5m, pendulum roll to back and flutter kick on back 5m Back crawl 25-50m Back crawl 50m
Float on front Back swim 10-15m Whip kick on back 10-15m 25m front or back crawl with 15-20 sec rest Head up front crawl 10-15m
Roll laterally front to back and back to front 12m flutter kick with 10-15 sec rest Front crawl 10-15m Sprint front crawl 25m  50m front or back crawl with 30 sec rest
Glide on front 3-5m Water smart Back crawl 10-15m Water smart  10-15m breaststroke with 15-30 sec rest
Glide on back 3-5m   25m flutter kick with 15-20 sec rest   Sprint front crawl 25m
Glide on side 3-5m   Water smart   Sprint back crawl 25m
Flutter kick on front 3-5m        
Flutter kick on back 3-5m        
Water smart        
Swimmer 6 Swimmer 7 Swimmer 8 Swimmer 9
Stride entry into deep water Head up front crawl or breaststroke 25m Somersault sequence, forward and back Entries with aids
Compact jump into deep water Scull in ready position 30 sec Stride entry, swim head up 25m and ready position Head up swim 25m and scull in ready position
Tread water legs only using lifesaving kick for 30-60sec Carry 2.3kg object 15m Eggbeater kick on back 25m Defense methods front, rear and side
Swim under water 5-10m to recover object Surface dives, foot and headfirst Support 2.3kg object 1 min Eggbeater kick - travel, change direction and height
Eggbeater kick on back 10-15m Lifesaving kick 25m Search and recover object Carry 4.5kg object 25m
Scissor kick 10-15m Inflate clothes/ use as buoyant assist Remove conscious victim Remove unconscious victim
Breaststroke 25-50m Obstacle swim 25m Front crawl 75 m Search to recover object
Front crawl 50-100m Front crawl 50m Back crawl 75m Turn and support victim face up
Back crawl 50-100m Back crawl 50m Breaststroke 25m Front crawl 100m
Interval training: 4 x25m breaststroke with 30 sec rest Fitness training: 350m workout Lifesaving medley 100m Back crawl 100m
Sprint breaststroke 25m Swim 100m in 3 mins or better Swim 200m in 6 min Breaststroke 100m
Workout (300m): 50m warm up, 4x25m front crawl with 15 sec rest, 4x25m back crawl with 15 sec rest and a 50 cooldown Assess conscious victim Assess conscious breathing victim Fitness training: 600m workout
Water smart Contacting EMS Care for victim in shock Swim 300m in 9 min
  Care for external bleeding Obstructed airway, conscious victim Care for bone or joint injury
  Look and see Victim simulation Care for respiratory emergency
  Victim simulation Victim recognition Locate and describe submerged object
  Victim recognition Victim avoidance Rescue with towing aid 20m
  Rescue drill: throw aid to target 30 sec Rescue with buoyant object 20m  

Conversion Charts

Level Completed CHP Skippers
(3-5 Years Old)
CHP Swimmer Program
(5 Years Old & Up)
Skippers 1 Completed Skippers 2 Swimmer 1
Skippers 2 Completed Skippers 3 Swimmer 1
Skippers 3 Completed Skippers 4 Swimmer 2
Skippers 4 Completed Skippers 5 Swimmer 2
Skippers 5 Completed Skippers 6 Swimmer 3
Skippers 6 Completed Swimmer 4

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