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MUST be 19 years of age or older to request an ice booking

Cole Harbour Place Ice Rental Rules


  • Waiver form related to COVID-19 must be signed prior to first rental, no exceptions.
  • Insurance certificate must be submitted prior to first rental. HRM offers a short term insurance program and more information can be found at https://programs.aon.ca/authentication/event-insure/account/signin2-en.html
  • Renters must be 19 years of age to sign a contract to book ice.
  • Cole Harbour Place must receive a signed contract prior to the first rental.
  • You are expected to manage your group's activities according to Public Health, Hockey Nova Scotia and affiliated association protocols.
  • The rental group must be able to produce a practice plan, if asked, as to drills and ensuring social distancing. Hockey Nova Scotia's Rebound Plan is strongly recommended to all hockey related groups.
  • Be mindful of signage in the facility and always follow directions from staff.
  • Only Service Animals are permitted


  • Effective July 31, 2020 Masks are mandatory in Cole Harbour Place as per Public Health.
  • The exception is that those ON THE ICE or PLAYERS' BENCHES are NOT required to wear a mask while taking part in the activity but must wear one at all other times.
  • NO food or drink is permitted in the arena with the exception of water bottles.

Arena Capacity/Limits:


The Provincial Guidelines currently permit up to 10 participants at one time without social distancing beginning June, 16 2021.

  • players/participants, officials, coaches, instructors or anyone else who is required to be on or near the area of play is included in the total permitted number of participants.
  • Players and coaches will only be permitted to enter the arena 15 minutes before their scheduled ice time.
  • Players are expected to come dressed.
  • Masks are mandatory in dressing rooms at all times.
  • Players and coaches must stay in dressing rooms until ice time, no hanging out to watch before or after scheduled time slot.
  • Any warm ups must be done in the dressing room. Warm ups in hallways and outside areas are not permitted.
  • Players and coaches must be out of the facility 15 minutes after their scheduled ice time ends.
  • Each ice renter will be required to have an individual assigned to ensure all guidelines are followed for the duration of the rental by the spectators.


Scotia 1- Max 85 Spectators

Scotia 2- Max 35 Spectators

Health screening:

Each group will be required to conduct a Covid-19 screening of all participants and spectators and ensure they have information for contact tracing. This must occur outside, and groups are responsible for ensuring that it happens before each rental. You are responsible to manage your group and provide signs, tables, paper, pens, etc. and to clean up the area afterwards. CHP staff cannot supply these items. Health screening must take place outside and not impede access to the arena doors.

Arena Access Control:

  • The arena doors are locked at all times.
  • Groups will enter through the arena entrance, no more than 15 minutes prior to the rental. Earlier access will be denied.
  • Do not ask staff for early access to the facility or dressing rooms.
  • A one-hour rental means 50 minutes on the ice and 10 minutes for a flood. Do not stay on the ice beyond your allotted time and do not ask staff for extra time OR expect extra time if nobody is on after you. Staff are scheduled for many tasks "outside" arena operations and their schedules are impacted when groups are late leaving the arena.
  • Arena doors will be unlocked 15 minutes before your rental. Do NOT arrive early and do NOT ask staff for early access.
  • Enter the building using the right side of the double doors and follow the floor arrows and signs once inside. There are traffic flow maps that can be viewed below.
  • When your rental is over, you have 15 minutes to leave the building. Groups will follow the arrows again.

Arena Flow Maps by Dressing Room Assignment

Dressing Rooms:

  • Those participating in on-ice activities should come ready to play.
  • Each booking is assigned 2 side-by-side dressing rooms so check with staff to confirm your assignment or consult the arena monitor.
  • Dressing room doors must remain propped open to reduce the number of high touch surfaces in the arena.
  • Dressing rooms will only be available 15 minutes prior to each rental and no locks or keys will be distributed for dressing rooms.
  • The washrooms in the dressing rooms are open and showers are available.


CHP has cleaning protocols and schedules in place that are compliant with Public Health standards and groups are asked to support our efforts by:

  • Putting all litter in the receptacles provided in the dressing rooms and the rest of the facility.
  • Respecting that areas blocked off must NOT be accessed.
  • Respecting rules around arrival and departure times.
  • Using the cleaning products supplied in each dressing room, as groups feel is needed.
  • Using the hand sanitizer stations (or washroom sinks for hand washing).

Failure to comply with the above may result in forfeiture of future rentals

All questions can be answered by calling our Scheduling Director Alicia Baker at (902) 464-5109 or emailing her abaker@coleharbourplace.com

Arena Rental Rates

Effective September 1, 2021

Early Morning - Monday to Friday - $150.00
Early Morning - Weekends - $167.00
Daytime - Monday to Friday - $170.00
Last Rental of the Evening - $150.00
All other ice is $226.00

To request a booking please visit rectimes.app/coleharbourplace

If you have questions please contact Alicia at (902) 464-5109 or via email abaker@coleharbourplace.com.

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