Summer Day Camps

Please download our Parent's Guide by clicking this link.
Our child information sheet can be downloaded from here. Please fill out and bring with you on the first day of camp! 
Adobe reader is required and can be downloaded for free here.

All day camps run daily 8:30 am - 5:00 pm.

Week 1: July 3th - 6th *4 day week
Week 2: July 9th  - 13th
Week 3: July 16th  -  20th
Week 4: July 23rd  -  27th
Week 5: July 30th - August 3rd
Week 6: August 7th  -  10th *4 day week
Week 7: August 13th  -  17th
Week 8: August 20th - 24th
Week 9: August 27th - 31st

Sunrise hours run 7:30 – 8:30 am and sunset hours run 5:00 – 6:00 pm, at an additional cost of $20 per week ($10 for the morning only and $10 for the evening only). 

Lunch 2018

All Lunches are $5.00 each. Alternate selection each day of Grilled Cheese w/ Soup & Juice.

Order form can be downloaded here.

Homemade Spaghetti w/ Meat Sauce, Caesar Salad & Juice Oven-Baked Chicken Tenders, Seasoned Potato Wedges, Dipping Sauce & Juice Cheese or Pepperoni Pizza, Veggies w/ Dip & Juice Hamburger, Fries & Juice Pancakes, Fruit & Juice

Camp Schedule

Week 1* Subscribers General Public
Wet & Wacky $98 $114
Sports Camp (5-7) $98 $114
Little Chefs (5-7) $106 $122
Skating Camp (5-12) $106 $122
Moving & Grooving $98 $114

Week 2 Subscribers General Public
Crazy Chefs (8-12) $132 $152
Nature Rangers $122 $142
Dance Camp (5-7) $132 $152
Wet & Wacky $122 $142
Moving & Grooving $122 $142

Week 3 Subscribers General Public
Skating Camp (8-12) $132 $152
Little Chefs (5-7) $132 $152
Music & Arts $122 $142
Wet & Wacky $122 $142
Moving & Grooving $122 $142

Week 4 Subscribers General Public
Crazy Chefs (8-12) $132 $152
Wet & Wacky $122 $142
Sports Camp $122 $142
Nature Rangers $122 $142
Moving & Grooving $122 $142

Week 5 Subscribers General Public
Dance Camp (8-12) $132 $152
Moving & Arts $122 $142
Art Palooza (7-12) $132 $152
Survivor Camp $122 $142
Moving & Grooving $122 $142

Week 6* Subscribers General Public
Music & Arts $98 $114
Dance Camp (8-12) $106 $122
Skating Camp (5-7) $106 $122
Wet & Wacky $98 $114
Moving & Grooving $98 $114

Week 7 Subscribers General Public
Superhero Week $132 $152
Wet & Wacky $122 $142
Sports Camp (5-7) $122 $142
Moving & Grooving $122 $142

Week 8 Subscribers General Public
Dance Camp $132 $152
Wet & Wacky $122 $142
Sports Camp (8-12) $122 $142
Moving & Grooving $122 $142

Week 9 Subscribers General Public
Adventure Week (5-12) $122 $142

Camp Descriptions

Sports Camp

You name it we’ll play it! Kids will be introduced to skills, sportsmanship, teamwork and fair play! Sports will include ultimate frisbee, basketball, soccer, baseball, squash, swimming, road hockey and much, much more!

Wet & Wacky

All things water! Campers will learn and play water/pool games and sports, spend extra time in the pool and have lots of activities that will be wet and wacky.

Skate Camp

This camp provides campers the opportunity to get in some summer skating! Skating lessons, games and activities will take place on the ice, and there will be lots of outdoor games and swimming in the afternoon.

Dance Camp

Join our dance instructors for some ballet, tap and hip-hop dance moves! Learn all the steps and bust a move on the dance floor! A small recital will be showcased on Friday.

Art Palooza

Expand your child’s horizon! Imagine and discover at camp with Art Palooza! Spark your child’s imagination with unique activities, and exciting crafts.

Little/Crazy Chefs

This camp is perfect for those little ones who love to create yummy treats and snacks! Camper’s creations will be made from scratch. We will be exploring proper nutrition, learning all about our Canada’s food guide and of course playing fun games!

Superhero week

Kids get to be their favorite super hero! They’ll get to create their own powers, play games, obstacle courses, super hero training and more!

Nature Rangers

An ultimate experience for children interested in nature, science, the environment and preservation. If your child enjoys being outdoors, this camp is for them! Your child will participate in hiking, gardening, nature crafts, healthy exercise, swimming, plus loads of games!

Adventure Week

Campers will be challenged all week with different games, activities and obstacles. We will go on exciting adventures and end the summer with a fun filled week!

Moving & Grooving

A fun and exciting camp where everyday is a surprise of what they do. No specific theme in this camp.

Music & Arts

Singing and playing instruments. Bring any instruments they have. Either need to sing/like to sing or play an instrument:)

Survivor Camp

Campers are split in two teams to compete against each other all week long.

Payment for camp can be made with post-dated credit card slips.

*Individual days will be available every week (Moving & Grooving).

For more information, please call Octavia at 902-464-5106 or email: